Hiking? In New Orleans? Sort Of.

From enjoying a Bloody Mary on Bourbon Street at any hour of the day to kicking back at The Fly, in Audubon Park on a Friday, New Orleans offers a multitude of ways to relax in the bustling city. For the adventure seeker, however, New Orlean’s overwhelmingly flat topography offers little in the realm of outdoor adventure – hiking.

A little over a mile from the border of Mississippi though, the geography starts to change a little. The Clark Creek Nature Area consists of a couple hiking trails which house a collection of small waterfalls known as Tunica Falls.

The rocky terrain and lush green trees reminded me immediately of hiking in the northeastern mountain ranges that I’m used to. The nature preserve contains around 40 waterfalls over a 2,000-acre spread, though only six are accessible by the noted hiking trails. The main five-mile hiking trail that is called “the primitive trail” and runs directly along a refreshing river.

Upon seeing the first waterfall, a friend and I immediately climbed up on the rocks and scaled the back end to dip our heads under the cold running water.

Steep hills and mud made the hike exhilarating and strenuous, while the shady canopy of trees and the occasional dip in the river kept us cool.

If you live in the New Orleans area and are looking for a quick getaway to clear your head or just to get some natural, adventurous exercise, I’d definitely recommend a day-trip to Tunica Falls!

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