Longing for Another Adventure

Walking around the streets of a new city I always find my neck craned upwards, taking in the architecture and air around me. Completely enamored by the new landscapes and buildings of Paris this summer, I spent hours walking aimlessly taking it all in. This summer, I lived in the 14th arrondissement of Paris for four weeks, taking classes through a program with Tulane University. The 14th arrondissement is a little bit more removed from the center of Paris; nine stops on the 6 line of the metro to put things in perspective.

After my classes ended, my family joined me in Paris to continue my travels. We made a quick stop in beautiful Amsterdam before setting off for Portugal. We started in Porto, traveled through Lisbon to the Algarve Coast.

We stationed ourselves in Sagres, right on the tip of the southern coast, or as the Tallest Man on Earth puts it in his song that shares the same name, we “went to where the world did end”.

This collection of live photos and videos attempts to capture glimpses of my summer in Paris, Normandy, Brussels, Amsterdam, Porto, Lisbon, Sagres, Lagos, and moments along the way.

I hope watching it makes you want to get away and be in a new place as much as me.

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