Other Writing

During my time at Tulane, I’ve been fortunate to become involved with a couple of campus publications. I’ve always liked writing and had submitted class assignments to my high school’s literary magazine, but I had never worked on a newspaper before coming to Tulane.

As an aspiring journalist, I knew this lapse of experience was something I needed to address, so I eagerly joined the Hullabaloo. Writing for the Arcade section of our student newspaper I’ve gained valuable experience in reporting and interviewing. When my favorite band toured New Orleans I was able to attend the show with a press pass and report both an anticipatory article about the show and a subsequent review.

Most recently I’ve started writing and photographing for the Crescent Magazine, Tulane’s newest publication (launched October, 9th 2017). Expanding my experience and knowledge about photography, especially in regard to journalism, has become an avid goal of mine following taking my first photography class this summer.

These opportunities have informed and inspired the blog you see before you and I feel these publications and my contributions should be represented here as well.