Would you believe me if I told you the name of the band was Rainbow Kitten Surprise?

Last Thursday night I checked something off of my Tulane bucket list that was regretfully long overdue – I went to a show at Tipitina’s. Tipitina’s is a famous venue for live music that has been around since 1977 hosting popular New Orleans artists such as Professor Long Hair. The venue pays tribute to him by naming the venue after his song “Tipitina” and the poster of his face that remains center stage. Now Tipitina’s is a home to artists big and small looking to find their place in the New Orleans music scene.

I was walking to class, listening to “Devil Like Me” a song by the band Rainbow Kitten Surprise, when a little banner popped up on my phone, announcing that the band was playing in my area. With a flutter of excitement, I opened the link to find that Rainbow Kitten Suprise would be hitting the stage of Tipitina’s the following day.

Who would I possibly get to accompany me to this random show? My one friend who even knows of the band’s existence lives in New York, and so I knew I would have to persuade my friends to come with me. “Tickets are only $15”, I emphasized.

After a few stressful hours of texting everyone I knew with a moderately good taste in music, and after getting a series of “What Band?” and “Who?” I was ready to go to the show solo. Until two of my suitemates texted me that they wanted to vibe to the live music, regardless of knowing the band or not.

So, we went. The venue was as cool and intimate as I imagined, and the sound of the opening act as we walked in made me only more excited to hear the band we came to see.I knew this act would only sound better live and was so impressed by the energy they carried on stage.

During the encore, the lead singer, Sam Melo, leaped into the crowd, and crowd surfed back for the last song. It was the closest I’ve ever come to being in the action of a performance, and the excitement and vitality rattled my entire body.

Heres a clip of that insane moment in time. If you’re ever in New Orleans, go to Tipitina’s. Even if it’s a band you don’t know, the excitement of the venue and the energy that it inspires will make it a show you won’t forget.

Longing for Another Adventure

Walking around the streets of a new city I always find my neck craned upwards, taking in the architecture and air around me. Completely enamored by the new landscapes and buildings of Paris this summer, I spent hours walking aimlessly taking it all in. This summer, I lived in the 14th arrondissement of Paris for four weeks, taking classes through a program with Tulane University. The 14th arrondissement is a little bit more removed from the center of Paris; nine stops on the 6 line of the metro to put things in perspective.

After my classes ended, my family joined me in Paris to continue my travels. We made a quick stop in beautiful Amsterdam before setting off for Portugal. We started in Porto, traveled through Lisbon to the Algarve Coast.

We stationed ourselves in Sagres, right on the tip of the southern coast, or as the Tallest Man on Earth puts it in his song that shares the same name, we “went to where the world did end”.

This collection of live photos and videos attempts to capture glimpses of my summer in Paris, Normandy, Brussels, Amsterdam, Porto, Lisbon, Sagres, Lagos, and moments along the way.

I hope watching it makes you want to get away and be in a new place as much as me.

Hiking? In New Orleans? Sort Of.

From enjoying a Bloody Mary on Bourbon Street at any hour of the day to kicking back at The Fly, in Audubon Park on a Friday, New Orleans offers a multitude of ways to relax in the bustling city. For the adventure seeker, however, New Orlean’s overwhelmingly flat topography offers little in the realm of outdoor adventure – hiking.

A little over a mile from the border of Mississippi though, the geography starts to change a little. The Clark Creek Nature Area consists of a couple hiking trails which house a collection of small waterfalls known as Tunica Falls.

The rocky terrain and lush green trees reminded me immediately of hiking in the northeastern mountain ranges that I’m used to. The nature preserve contains around 40 waterfalls over a 2,000-acre spread, though only six are accessible by the noted hiking trails. The main five-mile hiking trail that is called “the primitive trail” and runs directly along a refreshing river.

Upon seeing the first waterfall, a friend and I immediately climbed up on the rocks and scaled the back end to dip our heads under the cold running water.

Steep hills and mud made the hike exhilarating and strenuous, while the shady canopy of trees and the occasional dip in the river kept us cool.

If you live in the New Orleans area and are looking for a quick getaway to clear your head or just to get some natural, adventurous exercise, I’d definitely recommend a day-trip to Tunica Falls!

Hello! Who’s Listening?

Hello! My name is Annabelle and I’m 19 years old, and a student at Tulane University,  in New Orleans, Louisiana. Last summer I was at a concert in Central Park, and I was chatting with a man involved in putting the event together. He asked me who I was, and why I was at the concert. I explained to him that I was interning for a woman working with the festival and I was here to help her in any way I could. He then asked me if I wanted to work in the music industry, to which I told him that while I love music, and would love to write about music someday, what I really wanted was to be a writer. He looked at me and said, “So, where can I read your blog?”

I thought about his question for a while, and at my sheer inability to give him some content of mine to read. I felt so silly in that moment for not marketing myself in the best light possible. I’ve wanted to write for the longest time, and my career aspirations have ranged from novelist to journalist and everything in between. I also have a huge passion for travel, and this summer while taking classes in Paris, I realized the ability to write was everywhere, all around me. I didn’t need to wait for a job or to be the right age to start expressing myself and my ideas.

So this is where that conversation that day in the park led me, to create a blog for the third and hopefully last time. In the past, writing projects I’ve taken on have withered away with the coming responsibilities of my school work and social life, but with this blog, I hope that these parts of my life only serve to further inspire and fuel my writing. I want to share with whoever will listen to the things that I think make life extra special and my perspective on ideas big and small, on world issues that concern us all, and any other things I find worth sharing. I hope what I have to say finds the right eyes, and always brings light and positivity to those who read it. Thank you!